Hampton Vale

We moved to Hampton Vale back in 2014.  I have not posted any pictures of it until now, I took these a while ago, but hopefully they will give you a good impression of the environment.




New Hosting Site

I have just moved the site to a UK based data-centre.  Hopefully it will be more responsive and I will have more control over it.  I managed to get my on VPS for dirt cheap at VPS.net.  The guys there seem great, and so far with a couple of the issues I needed sorting with reverse DNS, SSL certs and some IP Reputation issues they have been excellent.

I have not posted a picture in a while, I took the one below while Coenie was visiting.  It was some little farm road in Norfolk, and now we did not stop and point at the aeroplanes!

Norfolk Countryside

Norfolk Countryside

Been Away



Its been ages since I have posted here.  We have moved house and I don’t know when I will get to do a proper post again.  Here are some photos in the mean time.


Tiger @ Auckland Zoo Beach in New Zealand My Family :-) My Parents My Sister Chrystal Amy Duckling in Alconbury Duckling Amy Amy Alconbury Alconbury DSC_7148 Sunset in Huntingdonshire Alconbury DSC_7201 DSC_7206 Moon-rise over Hampton Serpentine Lake Serpentine Lake Serpentine Lake Serpentine Lake Serpentine Lake Hampton Canal

Rochester Christmas Market

We went to the Christmas market in Rochester the other night, it was a mild evening and nobody froze.  The market was quite a disappointment, we expected more but it is the same old tat you can buy at the local town markets.  Needless to say, the place was pretty quiet.  We will have to find a different market next year.

Here are the photos from that evening.


[satellite gallery=7 auto=on caption=on thumbs=on]

Trip to Camber

[satellite gallery=6 thumbs=on]

Last week Amy and I went to Camber.  The main goal of this trip was to try out my new Hitech 10-stop filter that had arrived.  The above gallery has some of the photo’s that resulted.

The 10-stop filter worked a treat, my composition was a bit off, with the horizon intersecting a post, but I was pleased with the effect.  It was also not bad for a second exposure, I had calculated the shutter by multiplying the calculated shutter by 1024.

My favourite image is Liquid Gold.  My hand was not as steady as it should of been, so I plan on returning to do a proper job of it when the sky and tides are favourable.

I then shot a couple of silhouettes for fun, and then got Amy to do some posing for me.  I cannot believe how big she has gotten.

Another day in my life gone.  It was a brilliant evening, and we both had a lot of fun.  Hopefully we can have many more evenings like that this summer.

Nikkor 105mm Photo-walk

[satellite gallery=5 auto=on thumbs=on]

I finally got out again yesterday for a photo-walk with my daughter.  It was great fun, but it landed up being quite short.  This was due to her trying out the slide at our local park after some good old English rain.  I was trying to compose the shot with the single post in focus when I heard a shriek.  This was due to Amy soaking herself from backside to ankles on the slide!  With a chilly breeze in the air, that was it for the photo-walk, we had to return home before she was chilled to the bone.

I did manage to get a few photo’s.  From them, you can see that nature seems to be waking up.  It is still wet, but at least it is not 2.5 degrees outside.  What a relief!  We may get some better weather tomorrow, so there may be a chance for me to take some more photos.  We will just have to see if the changeable English weather allows.

About the photos

If the actual taking of photo’s does nothing for you … you can skip this bit 😉

All the photos in today’s post were taken with my Nikkor 105mm Micro lens.  The camera being my trusty Nikon D5100.  The ISO range varied as the light was constantly changing and it is essential to have a fast shutter when using this lens for macro’s hand held.  This is due to the very narrow depth-of-field.  Your bodies natural sway is enough to destroy any focus, so I generally set my auto-focus to continuous to compensate.  Generally speaking though macros with this lens should be shot using a tripod, unless you are a SAS sniper 😉  (Which I am not!)

The portrait of my daughter, although not the best portrait I have done, does demonstrate how good this lens if for portraiture.

All photos are shot in RAW and then processed in Adobe Lightroom.

Comments are welcome!

As always, if you want to comment on this post or the photo’s please feel free to put your feedback below.  Thanks!

Kingsnorth in Winter


This winter has been brutal and long.  Fortunately for us in the south of Kent, we did not get buried under 10 foot of snow, unlike some of our fellow countryman in the north.  It has been however a long, dark, miserable winter.  With endless grey skies and short days.

When the sun does come out, you have to make the most of it, so a few weeks ago I went for a walk in the Kingsnorth countryside.  I have posted a slideshow of some of the photos I took above.  I will walk you through each one.



The Robins are one of the happy things about winter in England.  This robin was singing away in a nearby tree and made for a perfect subject.  Robins also have a personal significance as they are the favourite bird of my beloved wife Alison.  This turned out to be her favourite shot of my walk.

World War II Pillbox


During World War II, the British build many strategic defences along the Kent coast and countryside to defend against a Nazi invasion.  This specific one is one a nearby farm, nestled next to a little stream.  It brings home the reality of just how fragile peace is, and how hard we have to work to preserve it.  I would imagine this pillbox was positioned here as it would of been close to RAF Kingsnorth.  This air-force base is long gone, but if you look at satellite photo on Google Earth you can still see the outline of the runway in the farmers fields.  There is more information on it on

Kingsnorth Church Of England


This church was most probably built in the 12th or 13th century. You cannot see it very well in this photo, I will have to go and take a close-up set of photos and do a whole post on it in the future.

Winter sunset20130305-dsc_4251
This is the final photo in the series. As the sun was setting, there was a certain calm which settled on the area. With little or no technology visible in the scene, I was taken to think that this landscape may of appeared just like this 100 years ago. People have lived in Kent for millennia, I am just adding another chapter to the story.

Kent Coast

Some parts of Kent may not have the most interesting coastline, but if you catch it in the right light, and at the right time you can get some amazing views.


Camber Sands

The Sunset at Camber Sands, which can be seen in the gallery above was breath-taking.  Keep in mind that the eye can see much more than the camera, the scene that unfolded that evening was amazing.  The various hues of oranges, reds and pinks made the world come alive.  Reflecting off of the standing water and the sands, it was as if the whole world had caught fire.


Folkestone Harbour

The final image in the series is one of the Lighthouse at Folkestone Harbour.  After spending some time, unsuccessfully looking for something to photograph, we decided to return to the car.  The landscape here requires you to ascend many, many stairs(Also shown in the slideshow).  Once we reached the top we paused and I looked back and the captured scene below greeted me.  A rising moon over the harbour.  I could not let the opportunity escape me in the fading light, so I set-up my kit and the rest is documented by the photograph.

If you live in the area and know of some interesting places around Kent, which may be of interest for someone like me who enjoys Landscape Photography, leave us a comment.  If you have anything else to add please feel free to leave a message as well.

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