Sleeping Kitten

Sleeping Kitten


Our Maddie Kat, when she was a baby.  Sleep can be a really good thing, look how happy she is!  I should really get more sleep, and stop staying up to all sorts of ungodly hours!  If you like cats, you can download this photo and set it as your wallpaper (1920×1080).  Just click the photo for the hi-res version first!


Random Flower


Just some random flower that grew in our garden a few years.  Some liberal spraying with some water to add some interest and you get the above.  I have some different viewpoints on this flower, but this one has never been shared before, so here it is.

Bee On Flower

Bee On Flower

I took this photo whilst on holiday last year in Cornwall. We visited the Eden Project, and saw some amazing displays of colour there. Capturing insects like in the above photo is tricky, as the little critters move around a lot. Getting your focus right is also a real pain in the rump! My recommendation is to be patient and setup on a tripod near flowers where there are a number of bees. Frame the image you imagine in your mind, set your focus and exposure settings and then wait! It might take some time, but as soon as the bee lands, take as many pictures as you can as they move around a lot. Once you get into editing find the one with the bee in a position that you like and discard the rest.

Click on the image for the Hi-res version, if you want you can set it as your wallpaper. For more information on using my images, please see the About page on this site.

Lands End Flowers

Lands End Flowers

This is at Lands End in Cornwall. The flowers in August are absolutely stunning in this area. There are lots of photo opportunities here, but also a lot of tourists, so waiting for a “clean” shot took a while.

Lifeboat Station

Lifeboat Station in Cornwall

This is an old lifeboat station in Cornwall, UK. Click on the image, then save the file if you would like to use it as your desktop wallpaper.


Playing with light and lines. Something not so inspiring, but I do enjoy the texture of this image.

Where do I begin
what do I say
I never intended for
life to be this way

Years have gone by
many important moments too
Where have I been
lost in this technological goo

I have been caught up
in its spider’s web
Invisible down to its
largest thread

Living in some virtual world
Lost in it
As real events unfurled

Wake Up!
it’s not too late
Wake Up!
don’t leave it all to fate

Stand Up!
switch off the devices strewn around
Stand Up!
put your feet on the ground

Look all round you
what do you see?
Things that are real
and not just vanity

No likes and pluses
retweets and shares
Just items and people
and opportunities to really care

Go for a walk
drop in on a friend
Don’t let life pass you by
it’s so quick to its end

Phone Box

This was taken in the Lake District, some of the darkest skies around. It was summer, so I could not get true darkness. It is still an amazing place, I would recommend it if you are looking for some peace and quiet!

River Fechlin – Scotland

This is the River Fechlin in Scotland. It was an amazing scene, I just wish the sun was shining, but as it is quite far north, I may of been there for a while!