About and FAQ

About and FAQ

Why do you have this site?

This site is my creative outlet. Here you will find poems, ramblings and photos. Sometimes you cannot keep all of your stuff stashed away in a box, it needs to be put out there for the world to see.

Some people will love this site, the majority may even hate it. This site is an extension of me, so you get what you see. If you hate something, let me know. I won’t change it, but I believe you should have the freedom to say so. If you love something, please tell me. You don’t have to share it, but if you know of someone who will love it too, please send them here.

What are Musings?

Every morning, before I sit down to begin work (the stuff that earns me money), I write a poem.  I write whatever comes into my head, and publish it with very little editing.  This is my prayer to the “Muse”, my way of contacting my creative self so that I can have a productive day.  I don’t worry if it is good, bad or even cringe-worthy.  I write it down using pen (I love writing!) and then publish it here.   That is why musings don’t have a title, other than Musing and a number.

Can I use the things you write or your photos?

You may download my photo’s and poetry freely as long as you comply with the following conditions: You MUST be a real human (not a legal entity). You may share my works with your friends using social media as long as you credit me and that you do not use my work for financial profit, or have any financial transaction associated with the works, what-so-ever. This means you may not use it on your blog, or website if you receive any money on your website, e.g. advertising revenue or merchandise. You MAY NOT print any of the works on this website unless you have my written consent. The copyright of all works on this site remains mine. You may not alter any of the works, or derive new works from anything you obtain from my website.

Sorry to be so pedantic about the above, but there are many unscrupulous operators out there seeking to exploit others.

Can I share something with you?

Feel free to share your poems and photos with me. Leave comments below, if you want I can publish them here for you too.  I find so many sites have many hoops to jump through, to be able to be published on.  As long as your poems and photos are of a “reasonable” quality (i.e. no holiday ‘snaps’ and your poems are real poems, not spam :P) I will publish them here and will link back to your blog / site.  So if you are starting a blog and needing back links, that is the way to do it.

You can contact me by using the form below.