Elvin steel glows in the night
Rustling bushes
fear follows fright

Eye glowing from afar
Looking over your shoulder
running from a war

Dark times ahead for your race
Hoards gather near
at lightening pace

From whence will your saviour come
White majestic steed
to cause them to run

Patience is the key many will say
But time does not wait
for man or that bloody day

Action so swift sometimes required
Failure to do
and in darkness you’ll be mired

He rides! Comes the mighty call
Death to our enemies
may they at our feet fall

Nothing to say
Emptiness inside
Woke up this morning
on the wrong side

Joyless and in pain
Cloudy and windy
With a chance of rain

Trying to fill this page is hard
No Structure
No Prose
Just a lump of lard

Searching the depths
for an elusive force
Staring up high
To set me on the course

Nearly there a few lines still
Approaching the end
A goal to fulfill

Made it at last
No room to spare
The musing complete
Time to disappear


Fluff and feathers everywhere
Tiny body over there
In a corner cowering low
Little bird, do I want to know?

Trembling, wondering what I may find
Anxious, my hearts in a bind

Peering into the gloom
looking for blood
eyes searching the room
Tears about to flood

None to be found!
A glimmer of hope
He is hopping around
Like trying to catch soap

Perched on a finger
We finally stare
He’s wondering I’m sure
If I am luck or fear

Saved to live another day
To fly in skies sunny or grey

A flash of green
Then darkness
A flash of blue
Then red

A moment in time
Short and sweet
A hairs breadth wide
Fleeting so quick

A jewel in the dark
When seen from afar
Blue, green and white
Unique in every way

Fragile and alone
it hangs by a thread
No one to help
If calamity strikes

Protect the Blue
Save the Green
It is our Home
We only have one

Sunset in Huntingdonshire

Flat and uninspired
Dark and tired
Hard and painful
Steep and baneful

How to get motivated
How to overcome
Shout at yourself
Do it! Get it done!

Slowly, slowly
crawling forward
Slowly, slowly
Gaining ground

Energy is nowhere
Lifeless is life
Energy is nowhere
Pain and Strife

From whence will inspiration come
Empty inside
Who will fill me up?
A prayer to you is all I have.

Hamtpon Canal


Tap Tap
Tap Tap
Tap Tap
Tap Tap

Fingers tap along

Tap Tap
Tap Tap
Tap Tap

Drumming my souls song

Tap Tap
Tap Tap

The heart beat of life

Tap Tap

Motion, momentum, movement


Don’t stop
Don’t stop
Don’t stop

DC Metro

DC Metro

Keep moving!
Don’t stand still
The morning is here
You need to find the will

Don’t lie down!
or be filled with fear
Allow life to flow
through you her will to do

Stand fast!
The storm is strong and fierce
Be a rock
and God will stand with you

Push forward!
as if into a gale
You have natures Fury
a mighty force to push you on-wards

Struggle! Struggle! Struggle!
though victory never comes
Life is for living
So live it as if you are the only ONE.

Today we will explore
we will find what we adore

Today is anew
a change to find the morning dew

Today is bright
resistance is futile, put up a fight!

Today is not alone
part of a whole but not a clone

Tomorrow will come
but will you be in it?

Tomorrow will be today
but will you fill it?

Yesterday is gone
Yesterday is gone
Yesterday is gone!
Leave it be

Today is your strength
make the most of it
Seize the moment
and you will own the day!


I sit at my desk alone
with nothing but my thoughts
I turn off my email, Skype and phone
a little quiet I have bought

Nothing to write!
I despair
Why is it such a fight!
I shed a tear

Hands envelop my face
I shudder, sob and flail
Why is it so hard in this place?
is every Poets tale

Bring to me inspiration
Bring to me adoration
Bring to me love and embrace
Bring to me peace and grace

The words begin to flow
my heart begins to race
The lines fill so quick
my soul is now complete