Swan and Cygnet

Swan and Cygnet

Went down to the local lakes today so I could see all the babies. There were cygnets and goslings about with very protective parents. The geese hissed a little, but generally they were all well behaved and so I got to get a few descent pictures.

Buy Me

This was taken a while back when I was experimenting with product photography. It was not used in any real media campaign, but I thought it would be cool to try make a mundane object appealing. Adding water droplets always helps!


I took this a few years ago in Bristol, our favourite city in the UK. The people are so friendly and the region around it is beautiful. Maybe one day we will get to live there, but for now I will have to be happy with the few photos and the odd visit.

Lismore Ireland

Lismore in Ireland, there is a beautiful castle nearby. This was taken while we lived in Cork in 2010 and 2011. We had a lovely time, even though the weather was pretty horrible most of the time! This was on once of those rare, slightly sunny days. Usually the locals all melted into little puddles when the temperature got above 22 degrees Celsius.

Sleeping Kitten

Sleeping Kitten


Our Maddie Kat, when she was a baby.  Sleep can be a really good thing, look how happy she is!  I should really get more sleep, and stop staying up to all sorts of ungodly hours!  If you like cats, you can download this photo and set it as your wallpaper (1920×1080).  Just click the photo for the hi-res version first!


Random Flower


Just some random flower that grew in our garden a few years.  Some liberal spraying with some water to add some interest and you get the above.  I have some different viewpoints on this flower, but this one has never been shared before, so here it is.