We went on a paddle boat cruise on the Norfolk Broads a few weekends ago. We had a great time and saw some beautiful scenery and homes. Worth the drive out there. Both photos were taken from the boats upper deck. The photo above was just as we departing and the one below was at the halfway point.

River cruising is a lovely way to relax and to disconnect from the wider world. Time slows right down and all sense of urgency disappears. The paddle boat we were on was excellent, it has a full pub with snacks on board. The captain used the first half of the cruise to give details of things we saw along the way which was very informative. The price was very affordable at just over £8 per adult and the cruise laster approximately 1.5 hours.

See http://www.southern-comfort.co.uk for more information on the paddle boat and times available.

Dear Father
Please walk with me
Stand by my side
Heaven’s power to provide

Days are hard
a Battle to be fought
Help me thus,
Not in darkness to be caught

My dearest father
I do thee beseech
Give me the strength
To my heart do reach

For I am weak
and have no will
Frail and in dire need
Full of Human ills

Holiest Father
Who sits upon High
Support me this day
Help me give it my best try